Introducing Bartek

Bartek comes from the north-west of Poland.

Born in the city of Szczecin, he develops his passion for music as a child, however leaves this passion largely untouched until his teenage years. At the age of sixteen he listens to the first album by Portishead which ultimately changes his life, and his outlook on music. He starts discovering electronic sounds and alternative artists of the 1990s, from Björk and Massive Attack to Tori Amos and PJ Harvey.

Mind-blown by the abundance of musical approaches, he co-creates his first project with a childhood friend. He starts making beats and developing them into compositions largely by instinct while diving into the world of trip hop, industrial and drum’n’bass. However, a professional career in financial services interrupts this experience for a number of years.

Fast-forward to much later, now living in Luxembourg, Bartek realizes that a work life without music doesn’t make much sense and he decides to follow his dream one more time. He quits work at a financial institution and moves to Amsterdam where he studies music production and sound engineering at the Abbey Road Institute. He starts collaborating with singers to produce new songs, first songs in many years, and he finds his path again.

Starting from 2018, Bartek begins collaborating with a Canadian-British group, Ashes and Dreams, and an independent American artist, TabInStereo. He is also introduced to the Polish music scene with his reworks of two Ania Sama’s songs from her debut album, and a collaboration with Polaczek.

In 2020 he meets Camille and their story as ThunderFuzz starts taking its shape…


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