The ThunderFuzz Story

As with every sound, thunder carries a complex emotion. It is fierce and heavy, scary and mysterious at the same time. Its corresponding image, splitting dark skies with a blinding flash of the lighting, completes a picture which is equally frightening and fascinating.

For Bartek and Camille, the concept of ThunderFuzz is deeply rooted in these emotions. Even though they come from completely different environments, they share similar fascination with dark electronic sounds. She, French, originates from classical musical upbringing, having started piano lessons at the age of 7. He, Polish/Luxembourgish, returned to music after running away from a corporate life and a career of a business analyst. The place where they met for the first time, Luxembourg City, couldn’t have been more random and unexpected. Yet it began a passionate conversation about music, which resulted in a collaboration and then a full album.

The discovery process which led to “Anti Body”, their debut album set for release in November 2022, combined two worlds whose similarities might only be surprising at the first glance. Camille graduated with a master in musicology and a degree in sound design and music composition for the image. Bartek studied music production and sound engineering at the Abbey Road Institute in Amsterdam. However, this distance, not only in the geographical sense of this word, couldn’t have been more of an illusion. The real passion for music knows no barriers or limitations, it is a language in its own right, a way to convey pure emotions.

The seven songs included on “Anti Body” are different facets of the same fascination. For Bartek, it was his love for trip hop which took him on a musical journey of sonic exploration. Camille arrived at the same place following a different path, from classical to psytrance, from traditional world music to IDM and downtempo. In her own words, “if the emotion rises, the music is good, that’s all” – a phrase which could easily be a motto and a mission for ThunderFuzz as a whole.

So, if you would like to know what the “fuzz” is about, you will have to listen to the entire release, out in November 2022. Let it be your soundtrack to the gloomy evenings of rainy autumns and wintery nights.

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Introducing Camille

Camille comes from south of France, having her roots between Aix-en-Provence and the Southern Alps.

At the age of 7, she starts the piano and discovers at the same time the limitless power of music. Passionate about everything related to music, she joins special music classes in high school: the infinity of repertoires, of composers, the complexity of music history seems just fascinating to her.

Graduated with a master in musicology and a degree in sound design / music composition for the image, Camille starts her career as a music teacher in college, then works at different local radio stations, where she’s impressed by the amazing variety of independent artists, and by the creativity of that community, looking for more exposure, under the radar of the unreachable majors.

Starting from 2009, she collaborates with the directors Céline Gailleurd and Olivier Bohler who entrust her with the composition of the soundtrack for their films. From 2014 to 2016, she travels the roads of Provence and Southern Alps with her friend, poet and singer James Fontaine with whom she forms the duo l’Aller vers.

In 2017, she joins the production team of a famous classical label and meets plenty of artists and conductors.  Surrounded by virtuosos, it’s not easy to feel legitimate as a musician… But she loves working for them, and that experience is priceless, continuing to enrich her influences and knowledge.

Suffering from chronic pain in her arms and hands, she realizes that her technical skills unfortunately have their limits. She doesn’t give up and turns to computer music. Her compositions combine naive contemporary piano pieces with electronic sound creations, with Trip-hop, atmospheric and experimental influences. From Classical to Psytrance, from traditional World music to IDM and downtempo, Camille loves music in all its forms, all genres: if the emotion rises, music is good, that’s all!

She meets Bartek in 2020. He convinces her to go back to music and to collaborate. ThunderFuzz is born.